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I am Konstantinos, an open-minded whilst critically thinking guy, based in the Netherlands, working as a Data Scientist with a passion for solving problems and puzzles, especially when that involves big data sets. Never deterred from experiences abroad, I am able to communicate between different types of people plus getting extra excited about science in every form. Being schooled as a Data Scientist, I have developed appreciation for the fields of Software Engineering, Mathematics but also, Googling. Cannot forget that. Much like how you can fit Data Science into everyday life, I try to put this analogy into fermentation experiments.


2023-PresentCurrently working for "Mars", Veghel - The Netherlands.
2022-2023Senior Data Scientist at "AkzoNobel", Sassenheim - The Netherlands.
2021-2022MSc in Data Science and Marketing Analytics, Erasmus University of Rotterdam.
2020-2021Bar Manager in a thematic fine drinking bar.
2015-2020BSc in Economics, Democritus University of Thrace.
2015-2020Bartender/Head Bartender across various fine drinking bars. Fulfilled Military Service included.

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Books, Science, Museums, Music, Maths, Puzzles, and Nature.

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